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Perpetual Inventory
Datarithm Team February 11 2022

Streamline Pharmacy Operations with a Perpetual Inventory Method

Perpetual Inventory is the Future of Pharmacy In an article published by Drug Store News, industry executives weighed in on the...
Perpetual Inventory
Datarithm Team October 30 2020

Tax Season: Why Your Pharmacy Should Consider Perpetual Inventory

If you are not currently running perpetual inventory and will be completing a physical count you are one step away from being...
Inventory Management, Perpetual Inventory
Datarithm Team September 03 2020

4 Pitfalls of Pharmacy Inventory Management to Avoid

There are many pharmacies of varying sizes throughout the United States competing for the pharmacy spend. With constant and...
Perpetual Inventory
Datarithm Team May 07 2020

The Benefits of Perpetual Inventory for Pharmacies of Any Size

With perpetual inventory, on-hand quantities are automatically updated to recognize dispensing and replenishment. A perpetual...
Perpetual Inventory
Datarithm Team November 13 2019

How Perpetual Inventory & Automation Can Help Pharmacies Thrive

If your pharmacy is like most others today, you have many challenges that you cannot control. One thing you can control is your...

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Inventory Management, DIR Fees
Datarithm Team July 26 2023

Building Pharmacy Inventory Optimization Workflow

Navigating DIR Changes, Streamlining Operations, and Leveraging Inventory Management Running a successful pharmacy requires...