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Inventory Management, DIR Fees
Datarithm Team July 26 2023

Building Pharmacy Inventory Optimization Workflow

Navigating DIR Changes, Streamlining Operations, and Leveraging Inventory Management Running a successful pharmacy requires...
Inventory Management, Independent Pharmacies
Datarithm Team March 17 2022

How to Build Your Business Case for Pharmacy Automation

Did you know that pharmacies turn their inventories, on average, 12 times per year? Your pharmacy’s turn rate is a key...
Inventory Management
Datarithm Team December 09 2021

Boost Your Pharmacy’s Bottom Line in 2022 with Datarithm®

The health of your pharmacy’s bottom line depends on profit and cash flow. And its biggest expense—inventory—has a very big...
Inventory Management
Datarithm Team May 03 2021

6 Top Retail Pharmacy Inventory Management Tips to Boost Profits

Proper Inventory Management is essential to the health of any pharmacy. But far too often a pharmacy’s inventory is neglected and...
Inventory Management
Datarithm Team December 23 2020

Pharmacy Technician Job Demands Call for Automating Pharmacy Inventory

Increased Pharmacy Job Demands A recent article from Pharmacy Times announced findings from an annual pharmacy report through...
Inventory Management
Datarithm Team November 16 2020

Improve Your Pharmacy’s Bottom Line in 2021

Independent pharmacies are always looking for ways to increase revenue and profitability. This is especially true as a very...
Inventory Management, Perpetual Inventory
Datarithm Team September 03 2020

4 Pitfalls of Pharmacy Inventory Management to Avoid

There are many pharmacies of varying sizes throughout the United States competing for the pharmacy spend. With constant and...
Inventory Management
Datarithm Team August 07 2020

Curbside Pickup/Delivery Increase Stress on Pharmacy Staff & Profit

Has the pressure on your pharmacy staff increased since the outbreak of COVID-19? Has your front of store revenue declined? Are...
Inventory Management
Datarithm Team June 03 2020

Pharmacy Inventory Management Tips to Boost Profits

Every pharmacy’s business depends on inventory. Finding expired medications on your shelf or running into inaccurate counts can...