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"Within ten minutes of going live, I pulled $10,000 worth of dead stock that I didn’t know I had on my shelves. Over a 3 month period of time, I managed to reduce my inventory $100,000 and be able to keep it down since then."

Steve Spruill
Owner of Maddox Drugs - Toccoa, GA

"Reception to customer feedback and willingness to consistently and constantly improve their software will keep Datarithm® thriving and vibrant for years to come. The 20-25% reduction in inventory overhead and ease of inventory management simply become the icing on the cake."

Kyle Yoder
PharmD, Pharmacist Manager of Moose Salisbury Pharmacy of Salisbury, NC

"In the course of our last effort, you made a comment that turned out to be gold: you said something like ‘I believe this is a settings issue.' And then you and Tammy and I got on the phone and we adjusted some parameters/settings in the software and so far the results are excellent; we sent back a ton of product and my bank account loves it! And our ongoing orders seem to be nice and trim too. Yet our out-of-stocks are really no worse than before, so if there’s a downside, we haven’t seen it yet. Big thanks for correctly diagnosing what was wrong and helping us fix it! I’m thinking we’ll see more quick responsiveness to usage in our order points, so the value of that session is not really all here yet. Awesome stuff!"

Matthew Maker
Owner – PharmD – Donlon Pharmacy

"In the first 3 to 4 weeks with Datarithm®, we did about $100K worth of returns. Datarithm® has, from a pharmacy that we felt was well stocked with very few “we owes,” decreased our overall inventory by $320K and did not greatly increase our “we owes." The product works by decreasing your inventory levels while not inconveniencing your patients."

William Cooper
Pharmacy Manager – PRMC Home Scripts