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Pharmacy Inventory Management Software

Control your pharmacy inventory, instead of it controlling you.

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Frontline Technicians

Give Your Techs the Best Technology in the Business

Your techs work in a fast-paced and high-pressure environment. Compliance and other impending regulations make it more demanding every day. Relax. Datarithm® is here with the tools they need to do their jobs better than ever before.

Pharmacy Inventory Management Software
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Free Up Your Pharmacists to Succeed

Let’s face it. Pharmacists are the cornerstone of any pharmacy. But they are only as good as the controls and systems your operation has in place. Give them what they need. Give them the inventory control solution they deserve. Give them Datarithm®.


All the Data You Need. Anywhere. Anytime.

Information is power. Easily accessed and understood information is a true superpower. With Datarithm®, pharmacy managers can view the entire operation, or review individual store performance and they can do it from any connected device at any time. Now that is power!

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Directors and Owners

Improve Cash flow and Raise the Bottom Line

Many Datarithm® clients enjoy a 4-point turn-rate improvement and realize a 20% reduction in their inventory investment! Best of all, Datarithm® is extremely cost-effective and typically pays for itself in less than 3 months. Now that’s a great ROI. Invest in Datarithm® today.

Why Us?

Datarithm® optimizes inventory for pharmacies of any size so that:

Centrally manage invtentory
Centrally Manage Inventory
Datarithm is a pharmacy software and forecasting tool that analyzes historical dispensing data to pre-select the lowest error best-fit algorithm for predicting the 30-day forward demand. This is then used to establish optimized reorder points for every item and generic group in a pharmacy’s formulary. Best of all Pharmacy Management and Owners can manage inventory centrally, consistently, and with precision.
Reorder Points Support Demand
Reorder Points Support Demand
With optimized reorder points established, Surplus inventory (overstock & dead) is identified, and Datarithm®’s Balancing functionalities are deployed to attack the Surplus. Balancing includes automatic daily wholesaler return recommendations for full containers as well as store-to-store transfers for multiple location pharmacies. Our pharmacy software's constant pressure on Surplus will reduce the incidents of expired returns.
Reduced Expenses & Increased Profits
Let the Cash Flow. Datarithm®’s intelligent Cycle Counting function helps to maintain on-hand precision throughout the year, not just after completion of a full physical count. This will reduce stock-outs and overstock situations, and drive COGS and profit/loss accuracy.

Watch Your Ally in Action


Unlock the true power of your pharmacy inventory with Datarithm®

Everybody Wins with Datarithm®

Let the Cash Flow.


If your pharmacy is like most today, you are likely searching for integrated prescription management solutions to optimize your cash flow. Optimize the management of your biggest investment and largest expense to take cash off the shelf and into your bank account.

Best Pharmacy Software

If your pharmacy is like most today, you are likely searching for integrated prescription management solutions to optimize your cash flow. Optimize the management of your biggest investment and largest expense to take cash off the shelf and into your bank account.

Customer Testimonials

Don't take our word for it... take theirs:

We have been using Datarithm for 6 months now, and I must say that the results have exceeded our expectations.  This software is a must, especially for multi-store groups like ours.  Our overstock has decreased (and turns increased) in all 3 of our stores, and the time it saves when it comes to finding dead inventory is significant.  It takes the guesswork out of setting your order points and frees up significant dollars that would be otherwise tied up in unneeded inventory.  The balancing feature is extremely helpful allowing you to take non-returnable drugs collecting dust at one store, and sending it to another location where it WILL be used.  The staff at Datarithm are very helpful and have been quick to respond to all questions we've had and have worked closely with our pharmacy software vendor (DRX) to make the interface quite seamless.  My only regret is not signing up with Datarithm sooner.  Highly recommend it!
Within ten minutes of going live, I pulled $10,000 worth of dead stock that I didn’t know I had on my shelves. Over a 3 month period of time, I managed to reduce my inventory $100,000 and be able to keep it down since then.
Reception to customer feedback and willingness to consistently and constantly improve their software will keep Datarithm® thriving and vibrant for years to come. The 20-25% reduction in inventory overhead and ease of inventory management simply become the icing on the cake.
In the first 3 to 4 weeks with Datarithm®, we did about $100K worth of returns. Datarithm® has, from a pharmacy that we felt was well stocked with very few ‘we owes’, decreased our overall inventory by $320K and did not greatly increase our ‘we owes.’ The product works by decreasing your inventory levels while not inconveniencing your patients.
 Big thanks for correctly diagnosing what was wrong and helping us fix it! I’m thinking we’ll see more quick responsiveness to usage in our order points, so the value of that session is not really all here yet. Awesome stuff!
The Forecast Dashboard provides a “heads up” on how our inventory is performing daily and it shows the work our staff has completed to improve our inventory. The High-Low Usage helps us quickly identify unexpected changes, like why do we have so much of a drug or not enough of another? The Manage Generic Groups report helps us identify items that we missed when trying to manage so many different generics. We have saved so much money by reducing our on-hand, especially in our fridge. We barely ever pull anything that has expired anymore.
Datarithm® has been great for my business and cash flow. The recommended transfers help burn dead items from stores that don’t use it to stores that do. It has truly engaged all of my employees in inventory control.
Datarithm®’s Cycle Counting feature keeps our inventory more organized; our on-hands are more accurate than ever. Datarithm® is a quick way to keep your inventory organized, plus everyone is working and analyzing the inventory; it is convenient because we can research a drug’s history and have a say in its future.
Before Datarithm® I was using my wholesaler’s software version for perpetual inventory control, I did not trust the data. In today’s environment, it is essential that you make decisions using accurate data you can trust. Datarithm® immediately began to produce the right data for me, I now have complete control of my inventory, and I'm more efficient which makes me more profitable.
I would like to thank you and the team at Datarithm® for transforming my business! Not only has my inventory been reduced by over $100,000, but our entire ordering process has been streamlined. I have peace of mind now knowing that Datarithm® is driving my inventory management. I no longer pay overtime, and it takes very little time to glance over the suggested order and make any corrections and send it!
I was very skeptical, but I took a chance on Datarithm®. I really didn’t think my inventory could be managed any better. However, now, with the help of Datarithm®, the amount of inventory we carry has been reduced by $30,000!  We were able to return almost $20,000 to the wholesaler and have allowed the remaining items BOH to “shrink” to Datarithm®’s recommendations. Take a chance on Datarithm® – you won’t be disappointed!
We have been with you all for 10 months, our inventory has gone down 26% or $175K between the 2 pharmacies. We just do the minimum with you all and know that we can do more to even decrease it more and will try harder in the new year. I just wanted to say thanks for your great product and support.

Let Us Be Your Ally

We're here to help you succeed. 

With Datarithm, the benefits you'll see from our inventory management solution will pay for themselves in less than 3 months:

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Get a Daily Action Plan
You’ll get the information you can act on as soon as tomorrow and financial results you can see in less than two weeks.
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Add Time & Efficiency
Free up your pharmacy team to focus on patient care and counsel by automating routine or redundant tasks.
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Improve the Bottom Line
Better manage turns and fill rates to move cash off the shelf and into your bank account.

How to work with us

With you every step of the way.


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Schedule a Demo
See how our 3-step process can optimize your prescription drug inventory. We'll forecast usage, reset order points to meet demand, and identify surplus. 
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Enable the Interface
We'll receive your dispensing data via your Pharmacy Management System (PMS) and start preparing recommendations generated for your Daily Action Plan.
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Improve Your Bottom Line

Start seeing financial results in less than two weeks and better manage turns and fill rates to move cash off the shelf and into the bank.

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