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Maximize Your Existing Pharmacy Management Software Solution


Datarithm® has partnered with the leading names in pharmacy management software. Our comprehensive suite of tools addresses both today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. Your current technology is maximized without the need to change your current infrastructure. Your current management system is extended so you have complete control over your prescription drug inventory, your most valuable asset.

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Datarithm® has partnered with the leading names in pharmacy management software. Our comprehensive suite of tools addresses both today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. Your current technology is maximized without the need to change your current infrastructure. Your current management system is extended so you have complete control over your prescription drug inventory, your most valuable asset.

Interface Partners


No matter the nature or size of your organization, Datarithm® will deliver its core benefits through our pharmacy inventory system and RX software.


Computer-Rx's exclusive central pharmacy solution is an integrated, end-to-end pharmacy management and point-of-sale system complete with business and clinical operations in one complete solution. Seamless integrations enable you to provide a wide range of services and improve patient outcomes with just one central pharmacy system.




DRX is the first cloud based pharmacy system built by pharmacists.

We are your Core Management Software, POS, Phone/IVR, Mobile App, Website Integration, Compliance Packaging, Compounding, and Long Term Care solution.




Our Pharmacy Management Software is the most complete, customizable, and efficient software on the market. FSI is a full-service system that streamlines and empowers your pharmacy to type, dispense and bill each script with ease and safety.




We provide systems to efficiently manage prescription filling, secure your controlled substances, and streamline workflow — whether that’s a hometown community pharmacy, a regional grocer, a national pharmacy chain, a large hospital system’s outpatient pharmacy, or even high-speed/high-volume central fill operations. 



Whether your pharmacy is independent or part of a pharmacy group, Kroll can help you fill prescriptions with confidence, operate more efficiently, and engage your patients in their own care. You also have the assurance of knowing that with Kroll you’re set up for the future.





Here at Liberty, we believe that we have designed a revolutionary pharmacy software platform. More than anything, we believe that it is the user experience. Prescriptions can be filled quickly and accurately while protecting patient safety. Many pharmacists have told us it is the easiest system they have ever used.




At PioneerRx, our mission to Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy starts with the people who use our pharmacy software each day. We are advocates for independent pharmacy. By aligning ourselves with a network of innovative partners who share our passion and our goals, we are building a sustainable future for community pharmacies everywhere. We couldn’t do it without you.



The Rx30 pharmacy management system has everything you need to reach your pharmacy goals, from central site management for multiple locations to bedside and delivery applications for nursing homes and hospitals. Whether your goal is to increase patient engagement at your community pharmacy, expand into a specialty pharmacy, or add value to your hospital system, Rx30 has the tools you need. 




RxMaster has all the features you need in a pharmacy software system. But great features alone do not provide true functionality. You need a system that is intuitive, easy to use, and easy for your staff to learn. There are lots of full-featured pharmacy software suites out there, but ours was designed by a team with decades of actual pharmacy experience. 




ScriptPro offers a complete end-to-end solution for ambulatory pharmacy operations. We show interfaces with the health system EHR to receive patient, prescriber, and prescription information. The return arrow shows how dispensing history is sent back to the EHR so a central record is maintained for the patient. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Pharmacy Automation & Inventory Management


Terms, Trends, and Tech to Know in 2022


Inventory is the single most significant investment and ongoing expense every pharmacy has.


For your pharmacy to thrive, implementing an inventory management system is the best solution to optimize stock control, replenishment, and drug dispensing. Grab the latest trends you need in our guide:

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Industry Partners

Datarithm® has partnered with leading pharmacies, groups, and associations.




American Pharmacies is a 100% member-owned independent pharmacy services group with industry-leading economics and advocacy. As the nation's fastest-growing independent group, we are fiercely committed to advancing and defending the business of independent pharmacy.



Our belief is that pharmacies are at the heart of exceptional healthcare. We do this through technology like the EconoRoute™ Prescription Courier Network which makes it easy for pharmacies to grow their delivery service. With a focus on pharmacy marketing, and customer service, our products help drive revenue.



Crocus Medical is dedicated to improving the safety of medication preparation and administration through the development and supply of specialized error prevention systems and equipment to the acute, long term and community care markets. 



HealthGrowth Capital is a direct lender to small businesses in the healthcare industry. Our mission is to provide growth capital to ambitious healthcare professionals for the purpose of building enduring and successful businesses.



Manrex Limited is a leading provider of medication compliance and blister packaging systems, medication carts, pharmacy automation and pill crushers to pharmacies, hospitals and long term care facilities.



NCPA protects and promotes the interests of independent pharmacists whose current and future success is vital to their patients, their communities, and the entire healthcare system.



PharmSaver works directly with manufacturers and wholesalers represented on the PharmSaver.net site to deliver competitive market pricing through the PharmSaver Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). Products in our GPO offer substantial savings and stability in a world of ever changing market conditions.



RxSafe believes in a partnership approach to pharmacy automation. We’ve listened to retail and outpatient pharmacies voice their needs and concerns to improve patient safety and patient health outcomes while reducing DIR fees. Our response? Innovative technology solutions designed to accelerate your pharmacy’s success.



If you’re a pharmacy owner, we understand how your business operates. We know your industry benchmarks. We can help you outperform national averages. We also know that making your pharmacies more successful gives you a better quality of life and we work to help you achieve that.

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