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Inventory Management, DIR Fees
Datarithm Team July 26 2023

Building Pharmacy Inventory Optimization Workflow

Navigating DIR Changes, Streamlining Operations, and Leveraging Inventory Management Running a successful pharmacy requires...
Independent Pharmacies
Datarithm Team November 08 2022

5 Key Benefits of EDI Integration for Your Pharmacy

Your pharmacy's biggest investment is inventory—but the amount of time you spend managing it may be lopsided. Pharmacists report...
Independent Pharmacies
Datarithm Team August 05 2022

Rx Management: Why Today's Surplus is Tomorrow's Nightmare

Pharmaceutical inventory is a tricky beast. On the surface, it might seem like yesterday's surplus is today's lucky windfall, but...
Independent Pharmacies
Datarithm Team August 05 2022

Why You Need an Ally in Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy management is a critical component of healthcare, but it can be difficult to manage on your own. That's why it's...
Inventory Management, Independent Pharmacies
Datarithm Team March 17 2022

How to Build Your Business Case for Pharmacy Automation

Did you know that pharmacies turn their inventories, on average, 12 times per year? Your pharmacy’s turn rate is a key...
Perpetual Inventory
Datarithm Team February 11 2022

Streamline Pharmacy Operations with a Perpetual Inventory Method

Perpetual Inventory is the Future of Pharmacy In an article published by Drug Store News, industry executives weighed in on the...
Independent Pharmacies
Datarithm Team January 27 2022

3 Current Issues Pharmacies are Facing in 2022

Staff Burnout, Supply Chain Disruptions, & DIR Fees Continue to Plague the Profession Between higher demand for health care...