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1 Oct 2020
Join us for a Facebook Live preview of Rutledge v. PCMA

At 5 p.m. Monday, October 5th, NCPA will preview this landmark case through a one-hour Facebook Live. American Pharmacists Association CEO Scott Knoer, National Association of State Pharmacy Associati...

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10 Sep 2020
Datarithm® Featured in ComputerTalk’s 2020 Chain Market Report

Datarithm® has been lucky enough to be featured in ComputerTalk's 2020 Chain Market Report. Check out the article and learn how Datarithm® is saving pharmacies money by better inventory management. ...

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1 Sep 2020
Datarithm® Featured in RXinsider’s 20 Ways Fall 2020 Magazine

20 Ways to Improve Patient Care and Pharmacy Profitability - Fall 2020 RXinsider Digital Magazine Learn more about how Datarithm® can help your pharmacy manage its pharmacy inventory and improve c...

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3 Apr 2020
Webinar: Master the Margin – Pharmacy Influencer Series

Find out how inventory management systems help you not only manage your inventory but also increase profits, control your inventory expense and assist in making the transition to perpetual inventory. ...

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20 Mar 2020
Computer Talk: The Power of Interfaces

Loren Pierce is founder and CEO of Pierce Pharmacy Management, which manages 20 stores in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Texas. Pierce Pharmacy Management operates at a scale of independent pharmacy...

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1 Jul 2019
Computer Talk: It’s All in the History – An Introduction to Inventory Forecasting

Are there still pharmacies relying on a single person to manage inventory manually? Does that person have a great deal of head knowledge for this process? Is he or she still using a spreadsheet-style ...

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1 Apr 2019
Computer Talk: Dead Rx Inventory – An Avoidable Money Pit

Pharmacy inventory represents a controllable expense that should yield a profit if managed correctly. Unfortunately, in the world of community pharmacy, the time between the layout of capital and the ...

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4 Jan 2019
Computer Talk: Non-Perpetual Inventory Versus Perpetual Inventory – Either System Benefits From Datarithm®

Non-perpetual inventory systems are inefficient, as inventory levels are not real-time, dollars invested are inaccurate, and orders are not based on forecasted demand. Read The Cover Story ⇒ Manag...

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18 Dec 2018
Computer Talk: Manage Inventory To Grow Your Pharmacy

A pharmacy’s inventory is one of its biggest budget line items and an area that requires daily attention. As such it can be one of two things. Managed poorly, it’s a drain on your time and cash fl...

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1 Nov 2018
Computer Talk: The Art and Science of Inventory Management

Having a variety of medications on the shelf ready for the walk-in customer is as much an art as it is a science. “I didn’t want our service to suffer,” says Chris Schiller, Pharm.D., who co-own...

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