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Capsa Healthcare’s Kirby Lester Announces A Dynamic Interface With Datarithm

Datarithm Team October 08 2021

COLUMBUS, OH – October 8, 2021 – Capsa Healthcare announced a dynamic new interface between its unique Kirby Lester KL1Plus prescription filling workstation and Datarithm®, a pharmacy industry leader for medication inventory management.

Now, pharmacies of all types and sizes using Datarithm’s automated inventory optimization platform can perform essential daily cycle counts efficiently on a Kirby Lester KL1Plus, with a full data exchange between the two systems. Time and labor savings for cycle counts are expected to reach 50% to 75%, in addition to achieving extreme accuracy.

“We are pairing two pharmacy technologies to mutually help our customers,” says Pablo Arias, Capsa Healthcare’s Director of Program Management. “Using a Kirby Lester KL1Plus to handle the physical counting will save substantial time and work. Here is the bottom line: if you use Datarithm and partner it with a KL1Plus, you will quickly optimize your return on your investment.”

Please visit the Kirby Lester and Datarithm exhibits at the NCPA Annual Pharmacy Conference in Charlotte, NC from Oct. 9-12, 2021.

About the Datarithm-Kirby Lester Interface: Datarithm analyzes its pharmacy customers’ historical dispensing data. Using proprietary algorithms, Datarithm then calculates forward demand forecasts to re-optimize reordering based on changes in usage patterns. The system relies heavily on precise on- hand inventory accuracy. Datarithm customers conduct daily cycle counts, usually 20-35 SKUs per day – with emphasis on medications that are C-II, high value, fast-movers, or any specified NDC or drug class. These higher profile inventories are counted more frequently than inexpensive slow-movers. Cycle counting done manually can be inaccurate and labor-intensive. Now, with an interface to the Kirby Lester KL1Plus, daily cycle counts are communicated directly to the KL1Plus where the pharmacy staff can quickly count (and double-count if required). The KL1Plus automatically updates Datarithm once a SKU is counted. The result is reduced stock-outs and overstock, higher profit/loss accuracy, and assurance that medication for customer prescriptions is on the shelf precisely when needed.

“The Datarithm platform has always been intuitive. Now, it just got faster and easier as our customers can directly use a Kirby Lester KL1Plus to quickly and accurately knock out their daily cycle counts, and that information goes straight back to Datarithm,” says David Belinski, Datarithm President. “When our customers start using a Kirby Lester device, there is nearly zero chance for on-hand inventory oversight.”

About Capsa Healthcare
Capsa Healthcare is a worldwide leader in developing and delivering innovative healthcare solutions for a wide spectrum of care providers. With 50+ years of experience, Capsa Healthcare offers a unique ability to meet the demands of diverse healthcare environments and offers a broad range of products including Kirby Lester pharmacy automation, medication carts, medical carts, and mobile computing. Headquartered in Columbus, OH, and with a quickly growing global presence, Capsa Healthcare has 400+ employees with management, sales, and production offices throughout the world.
For more, visit www.capsahealthcare.com or 800-437-6633.

About Datarithm
Datarithm is an intuitive, cloud-based inventory management software system for pharmacies of all sizes. Datarithm was founded in 2005 in East Syracuse, NY. Its user-friendly workflow provides on-demand updates and automates tasks to level-up overall Rx inventory management. Datarithm controls monthly reorder point resets and initiates return and transfer opportunities, provides detailed packing slips and shipping labels, automates on-hand adjustments, and maintains electronic archives and associated accounting reports.
For more, visit www.datarithm.co/ or 877-273-5112.

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Press Contact:
Mike Stotz
Senior Marketing Manager | Capsa Healthcare
Columbus, OH  U.S.A.
224.205.0321 | mstotz@capsahealthcare.com


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