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Webinar: Master the Margin - Pharmacy Influencer Series | Datarithm

Datarithm Team April 03 2020

Find out how inventory management systems help you not only manage your inventory but also increase profits, control your inventory expense and assist in making the transition to perpetual inventory.

  Presenters:Ollin Sykes, Sykes & Company, P.A., Scotty Sykes, Sykes & Company, P.A., Dave Belinski, Datarithm ®


Here at Datarithm®, we are your ally in inventory management and we take pride in our role in supporting you. We understand that you are the beginning of the health and wellness of your community—making the need for you to run successfully that much more. 

Because of this, we do not simply supply a software. Rather we give your team the reinforcement it needs to accurately and efficiently manage inventory and increase your cash flow. We are relentless in our offerings, yet flexible in our approach, to come alongside you and your team and offer support while you take on the ever-changing role of pharmacist. 

When Datarithm® was founded in 2005 by a pharmacist, software engineer, and medical sales professional, we knew we had a unique perspective to offer. We have used this perspective to provide exclusive support such as daily insights, personalized guidance, and effective training for your team. All of this is done to help your business operate above the wellness line—to move cash off the shelf and into your business. 

Your inventory is your largest expense and investment, but that doesn’t mean it needs to control you. Datarithm® gives you the ability to control your inventory through our cloud-based inventory management software. This is designed for pharmacies of all sizes to take control of inventory and cash flow. This is designed for those ready to have customizable and complete control over their inventory, while having more time and cash flow to handle other necessary pharmacy needs. 

Here at Datarithm® we are your ally. Join in with us today to improve your bottom line and see progress in just a few months. 

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