23 Dec 2020
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Pharmacy Technician Job Demands Calls for Automating Your Pharmacy Inventory with Datarithm®

Increased Pharmacy Job Demands
A recent article from Pharmacy Times announced findings from an annual pharmacy report through JobRx, a digital job board for pharmacy professionals. According to the report, pharmacy technician positions are on track to grow 7% in the coming decade. On average, that is an expectation of 37,500 openings annually!

While the report’s findings are an incredibly positive sign for the industry, pharmacy staff’s responsibilities and demands are also expanding. Lori Bruhn, pharmacy lead instructor at Pima Medical Institute’s Denver, states, “The pharmacist, very appropriately, is being more recognized for their clinical experience and knowledge in the medical field. They are now required to be doctors of pharmacology; that wasn’t true in the past. So, they’re being utilized more for that knowledge and experience. So, as their positions become more elevated and clinical…[and] as they raise their level of clinical position, we [pharmacy technicians] have to go up with them.”

Data suggests that pharmacy technicians spend nearly one-quarter of their workday maintaining medication and performing prescription inventory tasks. It is imperative to ensure medication is available when patients need and that the patient receives the correct medication. If a technician is struggling to manage the pharmacy’s inventory, the risk increases the dispensing of an incorrect medication or failing to identify drug interactions or contraindications. And that simply cannot happen.

What it Means for Your Pharmacy
So, what can pharmacies do to accommodate the increasing demands placed on their staff? They can start by better managing their inventory. And for that, many pharmacies depend on Datarithm®.

Datarithm® is the inventory control solution with the power to save your pharmacy staff time as well as increase your pharmacy’s bottom line. Let Datarithm® provide your pharmacy team with extensive information and analytics to support data-driven inventory management decisions and staff compliance.

What is the best part about automating and optimizing your prescription drug inventory with Datarithm®? Well, there are many benefits, such as an increase in turn rates, optimized order points, and the elimination of surplus Rx inventories. Plus, our platform is easy-to-use and allows your team to better manage your largest investment and biggest expense—your pharmacy’s inventory. The result is a near-instant and ongoing decrease in dollars tied up in inventory and improved cash flow. That will definitely free up time for your staff to perform other essential tasks!

You will also gain comprehensive insights into the current state and inventory changes within your pharmacy, and even across multiple pharmacies within a chain! Store level associates can even identify and access their action items with ease and speed through a streamlined workflow. Datarithm® even identifies and attacks overstocked and dead inventory with daily recommendations for potential wholesaler returns and smart store-to-store transfers for chains.

But that’s not all—Datarithm® improves operational efficiency and thus can help keep labor costs under control by making traditionally time-consuming tasks quick and painless! From initiating return and transfer opportunities to providing detailed packing slips and shipping labels, automating on-hand adjustments, and maintaining electronic archives and associated accounting reports, Datarithm® takes care of it all!

Benefits of Automating Your Rx Inventory with Datarithm®
Automating your pharmacy’s inventory with Datarithm® will create a more seamless workflow for your pharmacy staff, plus much more!

• Enjoy a 20% reduction in their inventory investment.

• Cost-effective solutions: See a return-on-investment in as little as three months with Datarithm®.

• Gain a 4+ point improvement in inventory turns as well as an average inventory reduction of -$43,703!

Eliminate surpluses and convert cash on the shelf to cash in the bank boosting your bottom line and cash position.

• Receive accurate on-hand inventory, which helps avoid on hand drift by consistent and quick cycle counting.

Free Up Your Pharmacy Staff to Succeed
Let’s face it. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are the cornerstones of any pharmacy. But your staff is only as good as the controls and systems your operation has in place. Give your team what they need. Give them the inventory control solution they deserve. Give them Datarithm®.

Did you also know that having a perpetual system for your inventory can help your pharmacy when it comes to tax season? Learn more here.

Want to see our system in action? Take a peek and see precisely how Datarithm® will help you take control of your pharmacy inventory. If you like what you see at a glimpse, schedule your free, no-obligation demonstration with our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jennifer to get the full scope of what Datarithm® can do for you!