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15 Sep 2020
Independent Pharmacies—Let Your Voice Be Heard! Sept. 29th 8-9 PM

UPDATE: October 1, 2020
If you missed the webinar with Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, you can View Post

3 Sep 2020
4 Pitfalls of Pharmacy Inventory Management to Avoid

There are many pharmacies of varying sizes throughout the United States competing for the pharmacy spend. With constant and growing competition, many independent pharmacies struggle. Besides being ...

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7 Aug 2020
Curbside Pickup and Delivery Increase Pressure on Pharmacy Staff and Cash Flow. Datarithm® is Here to Help.

Has the pressure on your pharmacy staff increased since the outbreak of COVID-19? Has your front of store revenue declined? Are you facing new costs associated with curbside pickup and / or home de...

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3 Jun 2020
Inventory Management Tips to Boost Profits

Every pharmacy’s business depends on inventory. Finding expired medications on your shelf or running into inaccurate counts can be frustrating for many reasons, most notably, declining profitabilit...

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7 May 2020
The Benefits of Perpetual Inventory

With perpetual inventory, on-hand quantities are automatically updated to recognize dispensing and replenishment. A perpetual inventory system updates the inventory in real-time when inventory orde...

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2 Apr 2020
How to Protect Your Supply Chain from Shortages

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak highlights potential vulnerabilities in both drug supply chain and clinical infrastructure. What are the ways you can protect your supply chain from shortages? ...

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20 Mar 2020
Coronavirus Outbreak: How Much Extra Medicine Should You Have On Hand?

As COVID-19 continues it’s grip throughout the United States and sends ripples in the global economy, public health experts are advising older adults and those with chronic health conditions to sto...

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14 Nov 2019
5 Tips To Make Flu Season Easier On Your Pharmacy

“Flu season.” Those words are mentioned every day on TV during the late summer and into the fall. Folks are talking about it in the cafe. Someone is out sick from work with “the flu.” Suddenly it s...

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13 Nov 2019
How Perpetual Inventory & Automation Can Help Pharmacies Survive & Thrive

If your pharmacy is like most others today, you have many challenges that you cannot control. One thing you can control is your inventory, your largest investment, and the biggest expense. Moving t...

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19 Sep 2019
It’s All In The History: An Introduction To Inventory Forecasting

Are there still pharmacies relying on a single person to manage inventory manually? Does that single person have a great deal of head knowledge and experience in this process? Are they still using ...

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