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Non-Perpetual Inventory Versus Perpetual Inventory | News | Datarithm

Datarithm Team January 04 2019

Non-perpetual inventory systems are inefficient, as inventory levels are not real-time, dollars invested are inaccurate, and orders are not based on forecasted demand. Read The Cover Story ⇒ Manage Inventory to Grow Your Pharmacy Non-perpetual with Datarithm® results in cleaning data stored in the pharmacy management system, resulting in accurate on-hands with the suggested best order point and order quantity for each drug presented for manual update to the pharmacy management system. A Perpetual inventory system updates inventory levels in real-time, allowing for the accuracy of units on hand and the dollars invested in those units. Perpetual with Datarithm® results in accurate on-hand, best order point, and best order quantity for each drug in a given formulary, with those data points automatically updated in a given pharmacy management system via your customizable Datarithm® Inventory Control Solution.

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