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Inventory Management, Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet: Inventory Management Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade for Pharmacy Owners 

Best Practices for Inventory Management

As a pharmacy owner, you know inventory management is one of the most important elements of running a pharmacy.

By keeping track of what prescriptions are in stock, pharmacists ensure they always have what their patients need, when they need it.  

I know what you're probably thinking: that's easier said than done. Maybe so. But, what if it was that easy? 

Grab the tip sheet to learn the best practices that you can apply:
  • Order Quality and Usage Volume
  • Buying, Re-Order and Replenish Tips 
  • Maintain On-hand Accuracy 
If you’re a pharmacy owner, independent pharmacy, pharmacist, or involved in the inventory and supply for your pharmacy, this tip sheet will help you understand the best practices you can apply in inventory management.
As an ally and advocate to independent pharmacies since 2005, Datarithm® has helped pharmacy owners master the art of inventory management.

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