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Guide, Independent Pharmacies

Guide: The Success Formula for a Thriving Independent Pharmacy

Running an independent pharmacy these days isn’t for the weak, whether you operate one store or several. From the deep pockets and operational prowess of big box stores and chains to DIR fee changes and compliance challenges, you’re up against it. We understand.  

There’s also a lot of hope and positive trends for independents—after all, over the past decade, the number of independent pharmacies has grown by 5.8%, while the number of chain pharmacies has been shrinking. And your role is increasingly, especially vital in rural communities and otherwise underserved areas.  

So how can you ensure your pharmacy becomes one of the success stories? 

Our guide, The Success Formula for Thriving Independent Pharmacies: A Guide to How to Leverage Pharmacy Inventory Management to Power Your Future, will walk you through the crucial steps to success that, when put all together, make a powerful success formula for independents like you.  

You’ll learn: 

  • The importance of building a foundation of operational excellence 

  • How optimizing your pharmacy inventory management sets you up to have control over your pharmacy’s biggest asset, resulting in better cash flow, simpler compliance, and more time for strategic work—to start 

  • The different methods of inventory management and how to upgrade to the most accurate, efficient one 

  • How people—your pharmacy team—are the key to your success when introducing any new program, technology, or process, and how to manage them to ensure that success 

  • How it all adds up to deliver an exceptional patient experience and a strong bottom line that help you compete and thrive 

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