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Take Control of Your Pharmacy Inventory 

Datarithm® makes it easy to manage your pharmacy inventory. Our 3-step solution uses forecasting, balancing, cycle counting, and advanced analytics to optimize your prescription drug inventory. 

During a live demonstration with your team, you can walk through how the features work, get answers to your questions, address challenges, discuss how this investment can improve your ROI, and more. 

Give us 30 minutes and we’ll show you how Datarithm® will help you take control of your pharmacy inventory. This is a FREE no-obligation demonstration.

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Jennifer, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, is ready and waiting to help you.

In 2005 a pharmacist, a medical sales professional, and a software engineer founded Datarithm® with a common goal in mind: to help pharmacies optimize inventory management. Ever since, we’ve been using our unique perspectives to better our platform in order to support pharmacy teams just like yours. 

With these different perspectives, we can proudly say that we offer more than just inventory control software. We also bring you hands-on training, personalized recommendations, daily insights, and a process that works to give you the cash flow you need to excel. 

Partnering with Datarithm® is about more than an accurate inventory. We’re here to free up your employees’ time, bring money back into your bank account by moving turns and fills rates better, and help you see results in the next two weeks. Afterall, medications in your current inventory account for your biggest asset. Let’s use that for your benefit.

Your time is indispensable, and yet we see the many hats pharmacy owners, just like you, wear on a daily basis. Let us help you optimize and maximize the role you play in a healthy and thriving community. 

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