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Guide: Is DIR Relief Actually Within Reach?

Current Insights on the Fees Plaguing our Profession

Any independent pharmacy operating today is painfully familiar with DIR fees—and by this point, most pharmacy owners have a visceral reaction when they hear the term.

DIR, which stands for “direct and indirect remuneration,” is the result of a loophole in Medicare regulations which has payers recouping dollars from pharmacies sometimes up to a year after a Medicare prescription has been filled. The reason cited? Pharmacy performance; though, the quality measures used to determine that performance are often unknown, inconsistent, vague, or even outside the pharmacy’s control.

In its early stages, DIR had a fairly simple concept and structure. But has transformed over time into a complex and confusing model with the majority of DIR fees being collected six to nine months after the point of sale, causing significant implications to a pharmacy’s profit and cash flow.

Grab this guide to learn:
  • The state of DIR
  • DIR fees: at-a-glance
  • Changes in legislation
  • What can pharmacies do?
  • Looking ahead
This guide will help independent pharmacy owners better understand DIR fees and what you can do to augment unpredictable DIR fees. 

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Here at Datarithm  we are passionate about equipping pharmacies and pharmacy owners and staff with everything they need to succeed and grow. We understand that your company’s health plays a vital role in your community’s health at large.

Datarithm was founded by 3 very different people—a medical sales professional, a pharmacist, and a software engineer—which gives us a unique perspective into your business. We understand that inventory management and automation is not your only roadblock, such as the DIR fees that we see all too often. 

Here is your first step to finding relief from these irritating fees and setting your next year up for the best cash flow possible. 

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