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"I want to thank you for always being so supportive and answering all my questions so promptly. The level of service you provide is exemplary. I can tell because when I see the Datarithm® charge every month, I feel it is money well spent."

Illan Suarez
PD, MBA Owner of Idel Pharmacy, Tampa, FL

"We are using Datarithm® for our inventory return and transfers. Outside of Pioneer, it’s probably the second-best thing we have implemented in terms of pharmacy impact."

Willis High
Owner of Delta Pharmacy, SC
7 locations with Datarithm® – Customer since January 2020

"We have been with you all for 10 months, our inventory has gone down 26% or $175K between the 2 pharmacies. We just do the minimum with you all and know that we can do more to even decrease it more and will try harder in the new year. I just wanted to say thanks for your great product and support."

Bryan Kiefer
Owner of Jones Drug & Twin City Pharmacy, MO
2 locations with Datarithm® – Customer since February 2019