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"I was very skeptical, but I took a chance on Datarithm®. I really didn’t think my inventory could be managed any better. Inventory management is a huge focus in our store and I thought we had a pretty good system. However, now, with the help of Datarithm®, the amount of inventory we carry has been reduced by $30,000! Datarithm®’s capability to exclude cycle fill prescriptions in the items when calculating the recommended on-hand quantity has made all the difference. We were able to return almost $20,000 to the wholesaler and have allowed the remaining items BOH to “shrink” to Datarithm®’s recommendations. By trusting the program, the amount of time I spend ordering each day has greatly reduced. Plus, our IOUs have reduced. It works seamlessly with PioneerRx. Take a chance on Datarithm® – you won’t be disappointed!"

Kim Bost
Pharm D., Owner of Homer Drug Company

"I consider Datarithm® one of the essential partners for my independent pharmacy business. Inventory control is a vital task that pharmacies need to be actively working at all times. Datarithm®’s tools and capabilities make them the perfect partner for maintaining good inventory control. They keep me on top of my inventory when I get bogged down with other pharmacy owner tasks. I am also extremely pleased with their tech support and response time. I recommend Datarithm® for all pharmacy owners."

Teresa Stickler
Owner of Melrose Pharmacy

"Before Datarithm® I was using my wholesaler’s software version for perpetual inventory control. After using that system for a number of years I did not realize any real difference. I was having to manage that data more and more and eventually, I did not trust the data. In today’s environment, it is essential that you make decisions using accurate data you can trust. Datarithm® immediately began to produce that type of data for me. With that data I now have complete control of my inventory, I am more efficient which makes me more profitable."

Gabe Guijarro
Owner of The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Lufkin, TX

"I would like to thank you and the team at Datarithm® for transforming my business! Not only has my inventory been reduced by over $100,000, but our entire ordering process has been streamlined. I have peace of mind now knowing that Datarithm® is driving my inventory management. I no longer pay overtime to my employees for inputting the order at the end of the day. It takes very little time to glance over the suggested order and make any corrections and send it. Datarithm® has so much functionality that we haven’t even utilized every feature and it has already made such a difference."

Lisa Anderson-Kocian
PharmD, RPh, CDE