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"The Forecast Dashboard provides a “heads up” on how our inventory is performing daily and it shows the work our staff has completed to improve our inventory. The High-Low Usage helps us quickly identify unexpected changes, like why do we have so much of a drug or not enough of another? The Manage Generic Groups report helps us identify items that we missed when trying to manage so many different generics. We have saved so much money by reducing our on-hand, especially in our fridge. We barely ever pull anything that has expired anymore."

Erin Dudley
Staff Pharmacist – PRMC Home Scripts

"Datarithm®’s Cycle Counting feature keeps our inventory more organized; our on-hands are more accurate than ever. Datarithm® is a quick way to keep your inventory organized, plus everyone is working and analyzing the inventory; it is convenient because we can research a drug’s history and have a say in its future."

Sandra Dise
Pharmacy Technician – PRMC Home Scripts

"Datarithm® has been great for my business and cash flow. The recommended transfers help burn dead items from stores that don’t use it to stores that do. It has truly engaged all of my employees in inventory control."

Kyle McHugh
Owner/Operator of Gaston Family Pharmacy

"The thought of moving from our wholesaler-based inventory management system after roughly 11 years or so was pretty scary. My staff and I had a great level of comfort in the familiarity of how things worked. However, it seemed that while our inventory level stayed fairly steady from a dollar value perspective, we were constantly battling excessive amounts of “shorts” or “owes." It was like we never had the right mix on our shelves. Based on our turns and our cash flow, I felt like we were doing a pretty good job of keeping our inventory at the right level and I felt like moving to Datarithm® wouldn’t so much decrease our inventory value as it would increase our service level. I was pleasantly delighted to be wrong! In just a couple of months, our inventory dropped has over $85,000 between our 2 stores! Simultaneously, our service level has gone up. We aren’t out of near as many items as we previously were and our customers are noticing the difference! With Datarithm®’s help, we will continue to work on getting just the right mix of products on our shelves to keep our patients happy and healthy."

Jana Bennett
Co-Owner of Randy Bennett Enterprises