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Our Inventory Software Advantages

Get started today and have complete and customizable control of your largest investment and biggest expense: your pharmacy inventory. Give techs the best technology in the business, free up pharmacists to succeed, and empower managers and owners to consistently manage Rx Inventory the way they want.

Best of all, Datarithm® is cost-effective. So, take control of your pharmacy inventory instead of letting it control you.

Customer Service

Are you experiencing unexpected stock-outs that could be placing your customer retention level at risk? Inventory items managed by Datarithm® carry a 98%+ service level.

Inventory Turns

Do you know what your turns are? Definition: COGS/Average inventory on-hand (over a set time frame). Per the NCPA the national average is 12X. Inventory Turns measure of inventory management efficiency. Datarithm® customers average a 4 plus point improvement in Turns.

Order Point Optimization

Can your staff maintain appropriate replenishment parameters for all of the 1,000’s of inventory items in your formulary? Every month, Datarithm® automatically re-calculates optimal order points for every item/group based on changes in dispensing. These new order points are then automatically uploaded to your pharmacy management system. Every item and generic group is handled - nothing is missed, and nothing falls through the cracks.

Return to Wholesaler

Do you know which items are in surplus in your pharmacy? Everyday Datarithm® surfaces and recommends wholesaler returns for full packages. Get surplus off your shelves, and cash into your bank by transferring the risk back to the wholesaler.

Manage Multiple Locations

Do you have more than one location? If so, Datarithm® provides a complete view across your enterprise as well as the drill-down capability for each location from the cloud. No need to be at a location; manage your business from anywhere! Utilize our intelligent transfer function to burn down surplus inventory through store-to-store transfer.

Improved Cashflow

With all the current industry pressures (PBM’s, DIR Fees, Competition, etc.), are you struggling with your cash flow? Through order point optimization, inventory Balancing (Returns/Transfers) and maintenance of hand precision through Cycle Counting, Datarithm® optimizes your biggest investment and largest expense to quickly improve cash flow.