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iApotheca Delivery Software with EconoRoute™

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Expand Your Business with the iApotheca Prescription Delivery Software

Want to increase revenue and get more patients?
EconoRoute™ makes it easy to start a profitable home delivery service.

Another Simple Way to Increase Pharmacy Profit

Save Time and
Money with

iApotheca's EconoRoute™ feature automatically plans your delivery route to use as little time and fuel as possible.

Just fill your run, click the EconoRoute™ button and let iApotheca do the rest.

Stay Compliant

iApotheca Prescription Delivery has everything you need to track deliveries and confirm transit and receipt by the patient.

Our easy-to-use delivery log means an accurate audit trail at your fingertips at all times.

Manage Orders and
Delivery Runs in

With iApotheca Prescription Delivery you can create and manage runs in seconds with our easy-to-use interface.

Have multiple pharmacies? Manage your teams with one hassle-free login for all stores.

Datarithm® Helps Build Your Delivery Service Fast with EconoRoute™


Quick & Easy Setup

Set up your account in just 4 easy steps—you're ready to deliver in minutes!

Instant Auto-Routing

Optimize a run from anywhere at the click of a button. No more manual route planning.

Perfect Optimization

Save time, labour costs and fuel with EconoRoute™'s instant optimization.

Track in Real Time

Now you can monitor your packages in real time with our easy-to-use dashboard.

Maximize your Runs

EconoRoute™ is always fast and accurate; you can add over 100 deliveries to every run!

Take Payment at the Door

Your patients can pay at the door with our Square integration. Get paid the next day!

Monitor Multiple Teams

Add multiple teams in seconds and switch back and forth fast for easy monitoring.

Paperless Audit Trail

Our built-in audit trail lets you keep detailed records in a handy paperless format.

Track Undeliverables

Nobody home? EconoRoute™ will remind you to reschedule or return the item to inventory.

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Up to 250 Deliveries
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Per Month

Up to 800 Deliveries
Email & Chat Support

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Per Month

Up to 1400 Deliveries
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Frequently Asked Questions

About iApotheca Prescription Delivery

  • Why buy from iApotheca Healthcare? What makes us so special?

    iApotheca knows pharmacists! We've spent several years working closely with pharmacists in all kinds of work settings to design tools to make your life easier! Our products are geared toward compliance while saving time and money and increasing pharmacy revenue.

  • Are there any hidden costs or any extra fees?

    No, there are no other hidden fees or setup costs.

  • What's included in the support service?

    If you know iApotheca, you know our support is second to none. We're quick to respond, knowledgeable about our products and we get things sorted fast. Our tool includes unlimited phone, email and ticket support with our customer support specialists from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday Eastern Standard Time.

  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

    No way! We offer month to month and annual payment options with no long term contracts and no cancellation fees.

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