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Perpetual Inventory

With perpetual inventory, on-hand quantities are constantly updated to recognize dispensing and replenishment.

Not running perpetual inventory? You may be experiencing these issues:

Benefits of Perpetual Inventory:

Replenishment with perpetual:

This requires reorder points and on-hand quantities for every item in your formulary. With these in place, you can replenish manually or automatically via EDI through your pharmacy management system when on-hands reach reorder points.

An inherent problem:

Maintaining reorder points for thousands of drugs, while recognizing fluctuating demand, is nearly impossible without technology. Datarithm®’s cloud-based software uses algorithms that forecast demand, recognize trends, and automatically resets reorder points accordingly.

Benefits of Automation:

Learn how moving to perpetual and/or automating your process can be transformative. Let Datarithm® Do the Work For You – click here for more information and schedule your free demo today.